Roberta Joan Anderson Research Paper

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Roberta Joan “Joni” Anderson is a talented musician, singer-songwriter, poet and painter. She was born on November 7, 1943. As the daughter of Bill Anderson her father who was a trumpet player in the Canadian marching band, officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and a grocer and of Myrtle Anderson her mother who was a schoolteacher. Joni was born in a Canadian town called Fort Macleod in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as an only child. As a child in Saskatoon, she was able to take piano lessons when she had begged her parents to allow her to take piano lessons. Joni was motivated to learn because of her friend Frankie McKitrick who had introduced her to Mozart and Schubert. Later on in her teenage years she had self-taught herself how to play the baritone, ukulele and guitar from a Peele Seeger instruction book. Being a child at such a young age Joni was engaged in music and art. In high school she was known the “school artist.” However as a child she has experienced many obstacles that prevented her from being able to play music up to her fullest capability.
Unfortunately when Mitchell was at the age of 9, she contracted polio. Due to this illness the
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Today many artists are seeing Joni Mitchell as an influence including Ellie Goulding and Corinne Bailey Rae. Joni’s songs has helped inspire artists to make their own songs but have also helped their career sky rocket. Judy Collins’ career has grown ever since she had covered Joni’s song Both Sides Now. Her cover had peaked in the top ten charts in national music. Not only did this success help Judy Collins but Mitchell as well. This lead and created an enthusiastic expectation for Joni’s second album Clouds. Her songs also inspired folk musicians such as Tom Rush whom she had met in Toronto, Ian and Sylvia, Dave Van Ronk and Buffy Saint Marie to perform and record covers of her

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