Robert Nozick's Film: The Matrix

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Robert Nozick’s argues that people would not be willing to plug into the experience machine because they would prefer to actually do the things that give them pleasure rather than to simply experience them. Nozick also believes that people, as individuals, choose to be a certain type of person; specific to them. Lastly, Nozick believes that people are deeply hard-wired to experience true human interaction. For these three reasons, Nozick believes people would not plug into the experience machine; it is the pluralism view that Nozick is referring to.
The science fiction movie “The Matrix,” directed by Wachowski Brothers, addresses the same arguments made by Nozick with regards as to why people would not willingly plug in (The Matrix). For example, at the beginning of the movie, the main character is given the choice to remain in the matrix, or so-called experience machine, or
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There might be some who would plug into the experience machine without hesitation. Depending on the person’s level of disappointment in the real world, the opportunity to escape their ugly and meager existence would be a welcomed opportunity. Nozick’s description, or explanation, of the experience machine was that one would be given ten minutes or ten hours to decide the next experience for the next two years. The type of person who would fit this category was perfectly portrayed in “The Matrix.” The character named “Cypher,” played by Joe Pantoliano, was portrayed as a person who was fed up with the real world and preferred to be plugged back into the matrix; or so-called experience machine. In addition, there is a scene where the character concedes that ignorance is indeed bliss. However, this is a delusional thought process by anyone. The idea of having things handed to us, without the struggle of earning it, is detrimental to our

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