Robert Koestler 's Darkness At Noon, By David Koestler Essay examples

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The ability to determine fact from fiction is one that is relegated to those who hold the power, especially within a communist nation. Throughout Darkness at Noon, Rubashov demonstrates the Party’s inability to make mistakes, a trait that also existed throughout the Soviet Union during the communist rule. The Party holds complete control over the people who believe in its cause and a members of the organization, whatever the Party says is what is accepted. By being in control of so many people in such an absolute way, the Party has the ability to prevent mistakes from being their fault. The Party uses their own methods to achieve this immunity to error. One of these methods is to turn those who are trying to show a fault in the Party’s ideology into saboteurs and discrediting them. There are two main examples of this in the text: Rubashov’s flashback to his meeting with Richard, and the Party’s treatment of Bogrov and his ideas. In David Koestler’s Darkness at Noon, the Party is shown to be impervious to mistakes, either choosing a viewpoint and removing opposition or individuals are chosen to carry the blame for errors.
The Party is impervious to mistakes because it decides what shall be considered the truth and removes the opposing viewpoints from existence, or credibility with the Party and public at large. There are many instances of the Party choosing to believe one side of an argument and then denouncing those who go against their truth. Rubashov shows this through…

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