Robert Frost 's Nothing Gold Can Stay Essay

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We would love to be carefree and live forever. Living in a world with no sadness, death or decay. Sounds pretty great? Now what if I told you that by having no sadness or death, we would not truly enjoy the little joys of life. In Nothing Gold Can Stay, Robert Frost uses symbolism, and personification to showcase how life is beautiful, but fleeting by using a somber, enlightening theme.
In Nothing Gold Can Stay, Frost outlines how Nature is fleeting and does not last forever. It awakens in spring, reaches its peak in summer, and starts to fade in autumn, and finally sleeps in winter. He uses a calm and probing tone to illustrate the cycle of life and death.
Frost uses Symbolism as an important literary device to showcase the fragility of nature. Symbolism is anything that stands for something else. Frost uses symbolism perfectly by using nature as an example. He compares nature as a whole to the cycle of life and death. A prime example of this is in the line: “Nature 's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold” (1240). This line provides a basis that uses the seasons to illustrate the stages of life. Spring is showed in the first line. This is compared to the beginnings of life. In the next passage,” Her early leaf 's a flower; But only so an hour”, this sentence showcases summer. This is compared to the life reaching its prime. In the next passage, “Then leaf subsides to leaf” This showcases autumn. This is compared to life reaching the end of its time. The passage,…

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