Road Safety Taken As A Aids Essay

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“I want to see road safety taken as seriously as AIDS”, “It kills just like AIDS”, “If roads are not made safer, road traffic crashes could double by 2030 and surpass HIV/AIDS”(Red Cross 2005). In Malaysia, almost 80% of injuries were dominated by road traffic accidents (RTA) with 70% mainly involving motorcycle-related crashes (Rahman et al. 2015). The fatality rates were the highest among the young (18-20 years) and the elderly (above 65 years) (OECD/ITF 2014, 2015, 2016), with very elderly group (aged above 75 years) were almost three times more likely to die from RTA than elderly group (aged below 75 years) (Ang, Chen, Jamalludin, et al. 2016). According to Bauer et al. (2003), individuals are living longer, consequently driving longer. Given the rapid ageing of population and increasing motorization, the most concerning issues here are the increasing number of older drivers and the associated fatalities (Abou‐Raya et al. 2009; Nations 2013).
“There are good drivers who are old and there are awful drivers who are young. It’s not a question of age”(Rudman et al. 2006). In general, older drivers are considered to be cautious and safe road users but compared to younger middle-aged drivers, they are at increased risk of fatal and serious injury crashes due to age-related fragility (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2000; Boot et al. 2013). Although the older cohort has a relatively low rate of crash involvement, they face far more injuries and death than their…

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