Wearing Seatbelts Essay

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HAHAHA! Omg literally dying! But unlike me people are really dying. Two kids lives were changed drastically on November 10th 2012, and what they could of done to keep pain of two families away was just a click of a button. “Jesus Mondragon, 34,” ran a stop sign at an intersection and hit a car that “Hannah Worley,” 20, was driving. Not Hannah nor any of her four passengers were wearing seatbelts. Sergeant John Lewis of Highway Patrol said that “speed was not a factor” and there were two children in the back of the car that ran the stop sign were not wearing seatbelts, and they were immediately ejected and died as the result of the collision. The two children that were killed were an eleven year old Samantha Mondragon and two year old Ashley …show more content…
Teens think they are invincible. Adults think they are good enough drivers. And People of all ages pay the price. The refusal of wearing seatbelts is causing unnecessary tragedies. Driving is already very dangerous in the first place and should be exercised with precision and paying the utmost attention to the road. There are many different things that could cause an accident like texting and driving, drunk driving, car trouble but there should always be one constant--- Wearing a seatbelt. Even though drivers and passengers can’t control everything that happens on the road, they are in control of their chance of living if they do get in a crash. The cause of these problems are honestly so funny, it hurts.
So many people have too many excuses on why they shouldn 't or don 't want to wear a seatbelt. First excuse people use is that it’s uncomfortable. Well I would bet that it 's more comfortable than a hospital bed for months and definitely more comfortable that a coffin. And nowadays seat belts have become more comfortable with different adjustable things to help. Some people have also said they don’t want to wear a seatbelt because it will mess up their outfit. huh. Okay well your outfit is gonna look great for your funeral. Excuse number 2 is ‘I have an airbag so I don 't have

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