Risk Of Climate Change

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The risk of climate change and global warming
The world has been warming since over 100 years ago. Because of the global warming, the climate is becoming changing. When the climate is changing, so many risks are occurred in the world. The risks of climate change and global warming are: natural disaster, starvation and health problem. Natural disaster is the first risk of climate change and global warming. There are a lot of disasters happening because of climate change and global warming. Because of our civilization has developed and thrived, there has been planet changed from a frigid wasteland into the temperate world. This case happened high temperature, Earth’s crust bouncing and bending to melt the great ice and fill the “ocean basins,
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Many kinds of disaster are happened because of it. So that, most of the people in the world have to face with the problem of starvation. When earthquake, flooding, lightning and etc… happen, the people who are in those troubles may face with a lot of problem. They have no food to eat, no water to drink and everything is gone. According to Press Association, 2013, rising food prices, improving hunger and decreasing the quality of food, “campaigners warned ahead of the publication of a key scientific review of global warming” are occurred because of climate change. With one in eight or nine people in the world is becoming hunger. “The pressure of rising temperatures and extreme weather events on production” make people to have not enough food to eat, Oxfam warned. “The number of people at risk of hunger could rise by 10%-20% by 2050 compared to a world where the climate was not changing, undoing efforts to tackle the problem, the aid agency said.” Oxfam said that yields were damaged by global warming and in some parts of the world where getting too poor could be decreased by less than 25% by 2050. “Rising temperature and weather changing would be affected unproductive food in most parts of the world. And crops damaging, destroying livestock and “distribution of food” are accured because of droughts and …show more content…
Health is one of the most important for our lives. If we ignore it, our lives cannot live happily. So when the health problems occur, people need to care more about it. When there is climate changing, there are so many diseases will occur such as malaria, dengue fever, cholera, equine encephalitis, hantavirus and other infectious diseases. Governmental, nongovernmental, humanitarian funding agencies, and for health and climate impacts researchers are more interested in the climate-disease, it becomes outbreak such as “the cholera spread in “Latin America” but also on the world, it became the major disease in 1991-1992. Dengue fever pandemic in Vietnam, malaria outbreaks in Venezuela and Colombia, and a Rift Valley fever spread in Kerya when a beg flooding materialize in that country in 1997-1998(Glantz,

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