Risk Manager's Roles In Risk Management

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Risk management programs are essential to any hospital. While it is known that humans will make mistakes, it is imperative that risk managers do what is necessary to assist the health care workers in providing quality care for the patients. A good risk manager will accomplish this task while minimizing risks to the patients, health care staff, and the organization.
Risk Manager’s Role
The purpose of a risk management program is to reduce the likelihood of errors that are costly to an organization in terms of damage, discomfort, disability, or distress to an individual, as well as limit financial loss the organization (Moss, 1995). The risk manager needs to accomplish this while contributing to the quality of patient care. Additionally,
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The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management endorses four key components when investigating an event (Hoppes, Mitchell, Venditti, & Bunting, 2012). The first component is to have a plan in place, which lists the steps and methods of investigating an event. The second component is to ensure the investigator is experienced and the investigation is credible and thorough. The third component is to have a formalized response team. Finally, the last component is to ensure the investigation is performed in a timely manner, using a skill-based approach (Hoppes, et al., …show more content…
This is important because most risk management issues are directly related to concerns regarding quality of care, as well as regulatory compliance (Jones, 2007, May). Risk management is the responsibility of all health care workers but when an incident occurs, there are specific individuals and entities involved.
In the case study, there are several individuals and entities, which might be involved. Obviously, the risk management department would be involved. The medical records department would need to provide all medical records to risk management. All health care workers involved, including the physicians, nurses, and pharmacists would need to be advised by the risk manager. The hospital administrator will need to be notified and the family must be given information regarding the incident. Quality management and compliance would also be involved. The chair of the board of directors would need to be notified, as the incident was a sentinel event. The vendor of NeoFax might need to be notified to include penicillin G benzathine and make it clear this medication is only to be given intramuscularly. The manufacturer of the medication might also need to be notified that the warning label is not placed in an optimal location. Finally, the incident would need to be reported to the Joint

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