Cost Of Waste Resources In Healthcare

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Introduction There is a prominent issue in America when resources bought from the money of the people are being constantly wasted. It is common knowledge that there is an exponential growth in the amount of money being spent annually on resources by health care administrations, most of which ends up becoming useless. There are administrators assigned to writing policies that can help cut the spending budget in order to reduce wasted materials, but there has still been no drastic change. An article published by the Health Affairs journal stated that in reducing spending, “a key target is eliminating waste – spending that could be eliminated without harming consumers or reducing the quality of care that people receive and that, according to …show more content…
Cost of Wasted Resources in the United States The American people have never been blind sighted towards health care, there has always been a growing concern for the overall movement of health care. Many issues that are addressed by the general population include the quality of care that is being provided, the means of access for all individuals, but most importantly, the cost of receiving care. Countries all around the world adopt various adaptations of a health care system, which makes it easy for complaints when comparing. It has been noticed that in recent government elections the view of the politicians’ stances on health care reform have been well regarded as key points for argument amongst the voters. Many decision makers have attempted to change the system and make improvements, but little have shown much success. According to a report published by McKinsey & Company, “health administration costs represent $91 billion, or 14 percent of total spending above the Estimated Spending According to

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