Why Do Volcanoes Occur

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Scientist go on a quest to find out why volcanoes and earthquakes occur all around the margins of the Pacific Ocean. What powers these phenomena to occur can better explain how the earth was made. The Ring of Fire is the most destructive zone on the earth, its better known as hundreds of volcanoes aligned at the shores of the Pacific Ocean. 25,000 miles is how far the Ring of Fire extends from South America, Northern Coast to Alaska then down through Russia, Japan, and South East Asia all the way to New Zealand. Many of the eruptions have occurred in these shore lines of the Pacific Ocean throughout history. In August of 1833 Indonesia a volcano blew itself into pieces creating the loudest sound recorded into history. In June of 1991 Philippines a volcano blasted 22 miles of debris into the air. In May 1980 Mount St. Helen caused 1 billion dollars of damage. It’s so important for scientist to find the sources that power these volcanoes to erupt to see how it could be either prevented or allow proper evacuation. …show more content…
75% of all volcanoes in the United States are located in Alaska making it the best and more resourceful laboratory for the scientist trying to better understand the true reason behind all the eruptions. Step number 1 is figuring out how giant volcanoes formed in what known as the Ring of Fire. The first volcano being investigated is Augustine which is better known as a stratovolcano; they are unique because they are shaped the type found all around the Ring of Fire. Over the years solidified lava flows gradually built up around the

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