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Richman Investments
Introduction to Computer Security

Richman Investments
Hello, my name is Max and I’m here today to give you a brief on Richman Investments “Internal Use Only” data clarification standards. I will cover what this means to the company and to you. I will also cover three different information technology infrastructure domains that we use and how these are affected by the “Internal Use Only” standard. This also applies to you the end user working here at Richman Investments. This is a vital brief to safeguard and keep all of our client’s information safeguarded from all outside sources. So, let’s begin.
First, let me explain to you what “Internal Use Only” data clarification standard means. A standard is a
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Violations of our security policy can result in the employee being disciplined and even ultimately dismissed if the problem persists. Protection of the “Internal Use Only” information starts with you (Kim & Soloman, 2012).
The next domain I would like to cover is the Local Area Network to Wide Area Network Domain (LAN to WAN). This is where all of your computers are connected that allows you to access the internet and get on the World Wide Web (WEB). Everyone needs to access the WEB to perform their jobs, but, this is where we can start to lose our protected information to outside sources. To combat this, we have made a series of security measures to keep our information safe. The routers are used to transport information protocol packets to and from the WAN or internet. Access control lists have been established to allow or deny internet traffic like a filter. We also have filters in place for your E-mail content. This filter will block certain content that is an unknown file attachment until it has gone through the proper antivirus screening and quarantine process. If deemed safe, it then can be downloaded. We have a wide variety of security measures in place, but, again, you the user must help us prevent “Internal Use Only” information from leaving our organization. We are doing as

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