Richard Wright 's Native Son Essay

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Power can be perceived by the minds of many as untamed force or dominance. In Richard Wright’s Native Son, the main character, Bigger Thomas understands this strength of power first hand. Bigger Thomas is a young black male living in the struggle of a segregated society in the late 1930s. Bigger experiences many hardships throughout his life due to the color of his skin. Growing up poor, uneducated, and without a father Bigger was mad at the world. Although, he had a great mother, he still had the struggle of trying to care for his family by doing all he could to support them. Throughout Bigger’s life he was constantly controlled and dominated by others. He gets a taste of dominance and is suddenly consumed with the desire to have more power. Due to this, Bigger does all he can to dominate others and have things go his way. Wright shows that power can corrupt many, especially when they have never felt that sort of feeling before. Bigger is blindsided by the rush he gets from going against all of society’s rules, and he cannot seem to let it go.
Living in a less privileged area of Chicago, Bigger shared a one bedroom apartment with his mother and siblings. Due to him being raised by only his mother, he held women in high regards. In the novel it stated that Bigger is told to look away when women are dressing, to be respectful and considerate of their privacy. Bigger’s jobs is to set an example for his brother as well as to be the man of the house. Although Bigger has a job to…

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