Richard Preston's The Demon In The Freezer

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The Demon in the Freezer Book Report
The Demon in the Freezer written by Richard Preston is a biological book discusses bioweapon attack of anthrax after 9/11 and the threat to the world. The book also provides the history of eradication of smallpox which is the worst human disease. After the biologists save 70,000,000 lives, some scientists use the remained stockpiles to invent bioweapons, which shocks the eradicators. The American government starts to be highly aware and search the biological terrorist. Richard Preston revealed important biological history events that most people do not know about, and he led the readers enter to the world of bioterrorism.
When I first looked at the title of this book, I did not know what demon is it in the freezer; also, I did not understand why is the picture on the cover is red, which is opposite to the freezer. After I read the several chapters, I was impressed about the spreading and fatal of anthrax when Robert Steven dies in October 5th, 2001 due to the inhalation of anthrax. Anthrax virus can be spread quickly and easily without seeing them. People could suffer and die easily by in touch with the anthrax virus and do not
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Peter Los has been ill due to the smallpox virus during his travel in Asia and he carried it back to Germany. At first, nobody knows it is smallpox and let it spreads ten days to everyone in the hospital. When doctors realize the seriousness it is too late because smallpox could be spread through air and any other ways. Richard Preston describes smallpox as “it quickly gives away to branching chains of explosive transmission of a lethal virus in a virgin population of nonimmune hosts” (48). Luckily, vaccines control this case in Germany not spread to the whole country although seventeen poor people died. From this story, I learned the importance of developed science and people’s awareness of

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