Richard Madden : An Evaluation Of Richard Essay

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Presenting Problem/Initial Observations

Richard Madden was born in 1986 but insists that I refer to him as “Prince Kit” in any interaction with him. His father, Derek Jacobi, requested an evaluation of Richard due to recent changes in mood that have affected the daily life of both Richard, his father, and many employees. Unfortunately, Derek passed away a few days later after he sought help for his son. However, Richard does not seem to acknowledge any issues with his behavior, but has agreed to seek the mental health services provided at “YNAPMHCP (You’re Not Actually a Prince Mental Health Care, Provo)”. Nevertheless, the client does admit the desire to receive assistance in ways to limit his anxiety and depression. The anxiety originated during a hunting trip when Richard first met, what he calls, “the nicest, purest, most beautiful maiden in all the land.” He became fervent in the desire to find this woman again, which led to an organization of a social gathering at his father’s house in Provo. The anxiety increased as the social gathering approached, as he desperately wanted this woman to attend so he could marry her. Apparently, this woman made a quick appearance at the social gathering, but had lost her shoe while quickly exiting the house. Aside from the anxiety, he is feeling depressive thoughts in direct connection with his father’s recent death. In Derek Jacobi’s request for social work services, it stated that Richard is struggling with narcissism, obsessive…

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