Essay on Richard Branson 's Success As An Entrepreneur

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“The challenge is to follow through on a great idea. I think if you’ve got a great idea, you need to just give it a try, and if you fall flat on your face, pick yourself up and try again. Learn from your mistakes. And, remember, you’ve got to go make a real difference in people’s lives if you’re going to be successful.” This quote by Richard Branson represents his mindset towards his business ventures which have crafted his success as an entrepreneur. Richard Branson is one of the richest and most influential men in the world. Taking the business world by storm through numerous amounts of integration,mergers, and joint ventures. Richard Branson’s business techniques stuck out over his competition for the simple fact that his intentions had been genuine. Richard Branson’s abundance of morals incorporated in his business method could leave him to be remembered one day as a captain of industry rather than a robber baron.
Richard Branson was born on July 18th 1950 at Stonefield Nursing home in Black health South London. His parents were Ted and Eve Branson, and they were part of the middle class. Richard Branson’s father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all lawyers. Eve Branson was a former ballet instructor, glider pilot, and flight attendant. Branson’s parents occupations had made a large impression on him as an adolescent which was expressed through many of the industries he chose to play his role in when he had matured. As a child Branson was very uninterested in…

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