Richard Branson Essay

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The Leadership of Sir Richard Branson

The Leadership of Sir Richard Branson
Every individual expresses unique leadership traits and behaviors that define the way they interact with their followers. Few business leaders have managed to make an impact on the world like that of Sir Richard Branson. His leadership style has been analyzed by experts, and copied by managers who wish to duplicate his success. With his unique approach to management, he has been a driving factor in the growth of Virgin Group Ltd into a leading multinational company. In terms of situational leadership, Branson
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“Change is part of the Virgin culture, focused on satisfaction, creativity, irreverence, and fun. Branson's leadership fits the image, packaged with an ever-present smile, open-necked shirt, and eye toward the future” (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Orborn, 2005, ch. 13). The culture he creates at Virgin Group keeps the firm consistently focused on innovation and growth. This leadership model has proved to be successful in a number of different industries including airlines, entertainment, and financial services, among many more. He believes in this leadership style so strongly that he prefers to start his companies from the ground up, rather than acquire them via mergers and acquisitions (Hobson 2012). His clear communication of his leadership style to his employees keeps them confident in his decisions making process. As a delegating leader, it is crucial that his followers have confidence when major changes come about.
Making Branson a More Effective Leader
Despite his overwhelming entrepreneurial success, there are ways Sir Richard Branson can become a more effective leader. No single style of leadership is optimal in all scenarios, and Branson could benefit by improving his focus on projects over longer periods of time. He has stated that he becomes bored easily and needs to always been learning new skills (Hobson 2012).
Although a desire for change is a good trait for personal growth, I believe it can put limitations on an effective leader. There

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