Rich Dad Poor Dad Analysis

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Rich Dad Poor Dad was a book written by Robert Kiyosaki who changed the way of people in thinking about money, and increasing financial intelligence of an individual. When the book was released, it happened to be that Rich Dad Poor Dad became the number one finance book, and a New York Times bestseller that have been sold for over 32 million copies worldwide.
Robert Kiyosaki wrote the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad together with his personal experiences in his life. The story started from having two dads. A rich dad, a father of his best friend, and a poor one, his real father, who’s their mindset, attitude, teachings and advises for Robert were completely different from each other that shaped Robert’s thinking about money and decisions in the long
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That was a simple statement by Robert Kiyosaki but when analyzed thoroughly, that was true. In a society, people work for money in order to survive and make a living. They work for eight or more hours everyday. They work hard and as time passes by, they wait for their promotion and ranking up of their position so they can earn more money. They think that if they worked more, they will have more money. More efforts, more money that they can have and and make them rich. But that was also the problem to many people. By having the mindset of become rich by working for many hours and more efforts. The question is, what if you stop and cannot work anymore, can you consider yourself again a rich one? Maybe while you work, you save money for the future. But do not forget that expenses do not stop even you stopped working and earning. That's the thing considered by rich people and by Kiyosaki. Why will they work for money if they can make money work for them? They know they can earn money even they are not working. All they need to do is to know about the system, hire people who will work for you, expand the business and there it goes. Money works for …show more content…
Most people work for a certain job because maybe of a high salary. All about money. But for Kiyosaki's mindset about working and having a job, do not work just because it has a high salary. Instead, work for a job that can improve yourself and learn skills. Those learnings are more important than the money it pays for you because it will shape you in order to survive and make good decisions in life.

People buy luxuries and liabilities. For Kiyosaki, buy assets that will help you in the long run. That is applicable to all of us. We all have wants and needs in life. But it is our choice what we will pick. An asset, or a liability. Those liabilities will not help you in the long run. Only the assets acquired.

When it comes to business, Kiyosaki learned that most people are afraid to learn things about it. They have a thinking that business is just a simple thing where they will choose job rather than business. People tend to work in a company and work for their boss. But for Kiyosaki, he will choose to have a business and work for himself. The one who will control and manage it. That will be much easier than working for a boss. By starting from learning the system up to applying it by having a business, you can start to earn

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