Rhino Extinction Essay

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Claim: Rhinos contribute a lot and they are critically endangered and are expected to go extinct due to man made environmental causes.

Reason: Rhinos are rare, and expensive; one of the main things that adds high value to them is there horn and only their horn.The rhino horn can be used for medicine remedies mostly used in
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Even rhino urine is sold as a medicine. People will do anything for money even if it means it means to kill an endangered species. The cost of rhinos are now more than gold and diamonds. Asian cultures; having a peice of there horn can be a sign of wealth. Status symbol to display someone’s success and wealth and when there are family get togethers with friends sometimes the household will bring out horn powder to add into to the drinks as sign of wealth and class. Some Asian countries and people are investing in extinction to become collectibles like fines

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