Rhetorical, Persuasive, And Synthesis Essay

1222 Words Apr 28th, 2016 5 Pages
Writing has been my talent since grade school; I couldn’t sing, or dance but I could write, or so I thought. Then, I entered high school and realized that writing required a lot more than it did in middle school. The brisk pace and advanced comprehension skills required for my English three AP course caused my grades to suffer. I have struggled with college level essay writing tremendously, but through hard-work I have been able to write with more ease and finesse than ever before. At the beginning of this school year, I had trouble with all of the main essays written in this course: rhetorical, persuasive, and synthesis. After reviewing my early writings, I have realized that I really struggled with rhetorical essays, mainly identifying tone. While this skill may seem rudimentary, I had distinct issues with it. Usually, once I had chosen a theme and tone I had trouble using the passage to support it, due to the fact that it was wrong. Despite this, I had to use these due to the time limit. Therefore, my overall analysis appeared incomplete and improperly explained. Another factor in the underdeveloped quality of my paper arose from poor time management, which would cause me to rush on before completing my thoughts.
These essays looked impossible when I first tackled them. I swiftly realized that I did not posses the critical eye required for a successful paper in this category. When classmates shared the tone words they used for their essays I realized that mine…

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