Rhetorical Essay: Are Uniforms Too Uniforms?

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Are Uniforms too Uniforms?
School uniforms are becoming increasingly popular within schools throughout the United States. The increase of mandatory uniforms among schools however is causing many students and parents to believe that schools are undermining individuality. Commonly, the topic of school uniforms is one-sided and therefore, does not give light to the unpopular argument: school uniforms should be required. Although uniforms are perceived to hinder individuality, students should be required to wear school uniforms since uniforms increase school safety and reduce bullying.
In today 's society, there is a common misconception regarding how individuality can be revealed through school uniforms. Most people believe that the primary form of individual expression is in the appearance that comes from clothing. Many may ask the same question as George Carlin: "Don 't these schools do enough damage, making all these children think alike? Now they are gonna get them to look alike, too?" (Carlin). The lack
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School uniforms improve student safety through their deterrence of crime and student violence. The requirement of student uniforms has caused many schools such as a school district in Long Beach, California to experience a decrease in crime rates. Sue Stanly conducted research for a mere two years and was able to see a decrease in fighting incidents by 51%, drug possession by 69%, and weapon possession by 52% (Stanley). An article from The Tennessean pointed out that with school uniforms “students would have a tougher time hiding weapons in fitted clothing” (Sarrio). School uniforms deter students as well as those whom are not a part of the regular school environment from attempting to commit a crime. Also, school uniforms make intruders very easily recognizable since the intruder stands out in appearance, thus, increasing

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