Rhetorical Analysis Of ' On Gangsta Rap ' Essay

1900 Words Apr 11th, 2016 8 Pages
Over the past four weeks we have examined spoken discourse through speeches, and analyzed advertisements. Howbeit, it 's time to dig into written discourse; essays are a form of written discourse. How so? An essay allows the writer to use logic in order to express their thoughts, show the writer 's understanding. To a greater extent it 's a great way for the writer to argue their point by providing sufficient evidence by using Aristotle 's three rhetorical appeals logos, pathos, ethos. Essays are written to do one of the following. Firstly, inform the audience the purpose of this is to provide information on a particular subject matter. Second, to explain something to the audience, thirdly essays can be used to entertain the reader. Lastly, the purpose of essays are to persuade after all you want to convince your audience that your stance on the topic is the best. Of course that is done by proving your argument through reasoning. Barry Brummett 's essay entitled “On Gangsta Rap, Written with the Help of the Reader” is the epitome of a good essay. It was well-organized, informative he thoroughly explained what "gangsta rap" is, and executed the use of Aristotle rhetorical appeals.

Credibility and character are two elements that make up the appeal ethos. In the essay “On Gangsta Rap, Written with the Help of the Reader” Brummett appeals to the audience by showing he has the necessary skill and knowledge to talk about the culture and subgenre gangsta rap. As a matter of fact,…

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