Rhetorical Analysis Of Ben Carson 's Hands Essay

779 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Every political speech and advertisement contains rhetoric, as they are carefully planned out in order to persuade the audience. The 2016 Presidential debates and campaigns all contain forms of appeals as well as strategized use of the rhetorical aspects to portray the purpose and the overall message the candidate wishes to demonstrate to the audience. One such example is "America is Safe in Ben Carson 's Hands," one of the campaign television advertisements of the Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson (Carson). This campaign advertisement was successful in demonstrating the purpose of the campaign video, Carson’s capability to govern the United States, by appealing to the intended audience of family-oriented American citizens through the use of strategic rhetoric, mainly through ethos and pathos by focusing on Carson’s professional achievements and personal values (Carson). Ben Carson intended his campaign video "America is Safe in Ben Carson 's Hands," to portray him as a capable, a sincere, and a trustworthy candidate for President (Carson). Every word from this campaign advertisement was specifically chosen in order to demonstrate that Ben Carson has what it takes to change America from a “nation of broken fences and empty promises--less safe, less hopeful” into a strong country (Carson). This dialogue from the video addresses the fact that politicians before Carson have tried and ultimately failed in fulfilling their promises to the American people and…

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