Essay on Rhetoric : I Didn 't Know About Rhetoric

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Writing has always been my weakest subject, even during grade school. I was the kid that never liked to read, I didn’t have any appreciation for the art of writing. Whenever I had a writing assignment, I would do the minimum requirements for it so that I would be able to barely pass the class. However, as I transitioned into college, my appreciation for literature and writing expanded. In my freshmen year of college, I took the class Writing 37. It broadened my knowledge of writing as well as my knowledge of rhetoric. One year later, I took this class and in the first day of class, Professor Sung explained the use of rhetoric. Although I was exposed to the idea of rhetoric since high school, it never caught my eyes. I didn’t know that rhetoric is the art of persuasion. I only remembered it as the words, ethos, pathos, and logos, but never fully understood it. With this new information in my mind, I was able to further understand literature and even use it in my advantage for writing papers and in my personal life. However, understanding the art of persuasion wasn’t the only thing that I got from this class. I improved on my revision process, researching process and even discovered flaws that ultimately held me back during this quarter.

When writing my papers, I made sure I used rhetoric effectively to get the audience’s attention. As Professor Sung repeatedly told everyone, I made sure that I wrote with the readers in mind. I read over the sentences over and over as I…

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