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Operant Conditioning Theory (Operant Conditioning) – Callum Arnold
The Operant conditioning theory is an example of a connectionist theory of learning, relying upon the connection between a stimulus and a response. These may also be known as a S-R theories. This theory states that we become conditioned to give a particular response to a particular stimulus; that we have learned to act in a certain way given a certain stimulus. The likelihood of the response is dependent upon the strength of the bond between the stimuli.

STIMULUS Response (Weak link – response less likely)

STIMULUS Response (Strong link – response more likely)
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A lack of understanding may be de-motivating. * Trial and Error learning may lead to the wrong technique being adopted by the learner if it leads to initial success. This may require ‘unlearning’ and will waste time. * The learner may not know how to react when the stimulus is slightly different from those already experienced. Due to their lack of understanding, they learner may not know which response to use. * This form of learning implies that for every skill or performance situation, a stimulus –response bond has been created. Given the vast number of S-R links, this would require this seems an unlikely scenario.
Cognitive Theory (Schema Theory) – Callum Arnold

Cognitive theories of learning are developed as a result of the criticisms and perceived weaknesses in conditioning learning theories. Cognitive theories of learning stress the importance of what the brain does with the stimuli it receives. Cognitive theories reject the concept that we merely respond to a Stimulus in an unthinking way. Cognitive theories of learning require the learner to understand where they are starting from and their objective – where they need to be, what they are trying to achieve.

Key terms:

Perceptual Mechanism: - The part of the process that allows us 'understand' the environment - it compares and recognizes the information using the memory system that looks back at

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