Review Of ' Undertale ' By Toby Fox

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Review of Undertale Undertale is an indie game title from 2015 created orchestrated by Toby Fox. This game is one of the most unique titles of 2015. The game was made in the program GameMaker. Originally the game was going to be released in late 2014 but the creator decided to take the time to make a good game a great game.
Undertale is a story about a young non gender specific human that had fallen into a pit that led to a world underneath the mountain called Mt. Ebbot. The world is inhabited by monsters that were trapped underground by the humans many years ago. The human’s original goal is to survive and escape from the underground. The characters that you come across in the story are very well developed. Each one has their own personality. Even just the small unimportant characters. How you interact with them can determine what you learn about each character. Without giving out spoilers the overall story development and the characters are very strong and memorable. Although this sort of story is not for everyone but it is definitely worth giving a try. Now what is interesting about Undertale is that the story’s progression is dependant on the player. The player has many choices to make throughout the game that can result in multiple endings. The three main categories of these ending are Pacifist, Neutral, and Genocide. What really sets this game apart is the ability to not kill any enemies and still beat the game, giving off the message that violence is not always the

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