Essay about Review Of ' The Round House '

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The Impact of the Wiindigoo in The Round House Louise Erdrich was born in 1954 in Little Falls, Minnesota, and identifies as Turtle Mountain Chippewa. Due to Erdrich’s Native American background, she has written many novels centered around Native American themes. Erdrich’s novel, The Round House, is told from Joe, a thirteen-year-old boy’s, point of view, showing how he copes with the event of his mother’s rape. Joe is outraged that the authorities are not doing more to help find the man responsible. Ultimately, Joe ends up taking matters into his own hands, and kills the culprit, Linden Lark, with the help of his friend Cappy. Throughout the novel, justice is examined from many different angles and perspectives. In her novel, Erdrich uses the story of the wiindigoo to set up ideas about tribal justice. Erdrich tells the story of Akii, Mirage, and the wiindigoo in this novel to set a historical precedent of tribal justice for the Anishinaabe people. In the novel, Erdrich chooses a unique way to tell this story. Readers are first introduced to this story from Mooshum, Joe’s grandfather, as he is talking in his sleep. In the story, a family is forced off of their land onto a reservation. This is very hard on the family and soon after the move Mirage, the husband, believes his wife, Akii, is possessed because of her hunger and the stress of leaving home. The spirit possessing her is called a wiindigoo. As readers learn from the story, “a wiindigoo could cast its spirit…

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