Essay on Review Of ' The Kite Runner '

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Corruption of Power in The Kite Runner
The corruption of power gives one strength to control their surroundings, to have success in life. When power is in someone’s hands, it can lead to a negative impact and misuses. Kahled Hoisseini the author of The Kite Runner demonstrates the abuse of power in his book with Amir wanting the betterment of himself. The attack in Kabul leads to a negative impact over society, by the rebels, and lastly the enchantment of oneself from the weak to the strong between Amir, Hassan and Sohrab. In the novel The Kite Runner the following scenes which are the rape of Hassan, the invasion of the Taliban and the use of the slingshot by Hassan and Sohrab, demonstrates the corruption of power.
Firstly, Hassan’s rape is used to demonstrate the betterment of oneself, for Amir and his relationship with Baba, and enjoyment for Assef to hurt others. Amir is a coward and does not seek much in life, besides craving attention from Baba. Amir, wins the kite tournament and Hassan runs the kite for Amir. Amir only wants the kite from Hassan, so he can benefit from the kite for the betterment of his relationship with Baba “Maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay, to win Baba” (Hosseini 77). Amir is guilty for Hassan’s rape. Amir uses a metaphor, that is significant because Amir has the power to stop the rape from happening, but instead he decides to abuse the power of stopping the rape for the betterment of himself, to win Baba’s love and…

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