Review Of ' Outliers ' By Malcolm Gladwell Essay

1236 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 null Page
International millionaire and New Yorker journalist, Malcolm Gladwell, recently preformed a study and confirmed that ten-thousand hours of practice in any field produces an expert. Malcolm wrote a business novel titled ‘Outliers’ that studied the behavior of successful individuals in entrepreneurship. Malcolm finished the novel with new-found knowledge about how the successful individuals came to be. Ten-thousand hours was the answer to how individuals such as, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Bill Joy, and The Beatles rose to become the most successful and popular in their trade. Those successful characters had applied even more than ten-thousand hours but claim that ten-thousand was their peak. In my journey and travels I have been led to the path of the business world. For some, I am excessive in my business endeavors; in my perspective, I am only skimming the surface of what I can accomplish. Writing a business plan compares to writing a plan for life. The plans need to include well thought-out ideas that allow individuals to develop and grow as envisioned. Writing a business plan is no easy task, step-by-step actions are needed to produce a final product, in which my years of writing have given me expertise. An idea can occur anywhere and or at anytime. Once this idea occurs, writing it down, for later remembrance, is essential if wanting to start a business. This idea will be the mother of the business plan in which is the predominant element that gives birth to other…

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