Review Of ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay example

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Of Caste Systems and Men For centuries people in a society have been sorted into different levels so that the most valuable people receive the best in life and the invaluable people receive close to nothing. This system of social ranking is similar to the farm in Of Mice and Men. The characters have a definite place in their own little world, and a set perception of them depending on their place. The caste system levels include The Kings, The Princes, The Workers, and The Untouchables. The book “Of Mice and Men”, illustrates how caste systems were present in the Great Depression by presenting the characters as metaphorical Kings, Princes, Workers and Untouchables. A king is a powerful figurehead who determines the law of the land and makes himself known as a powerful man who will be respected; however, there are two types of power. The Boss is the head of the ranch and the man who decides George and Lennie’s fate when they get to the ranch, “A little stocky man stood in the open doorway…. His thumbs were stuck in his belt, on each side of a square steel buckle. On his head was a soiled brown Stetson hat, and he wore high heeled boots and spurs to prove he was not a laboring man” (Steinbeck 21). The Boss makes clear that he is to be respected by his workers, because they know he has the power remove them from the ranch, but he is kind and lets them stay. The Boss is generous and allows Candy continue to sweep the ranch, and bought the men a gallon of whiskey at Christmas,…

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