Review Of John Hick 's ' An Interpretation Of Religion ' Essay

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Eva Mendez
Professor J. Baeyens
English 101: Proficiency in Writing
30 November 2015
Christianity among Other Faiths
“I want to say that the noumenal Real is experienced and thought by different human mentalities, forming and formed by different religious traditions.”
- John Hick (241) In “An Interpretation of Religion” Hick argues how all religions are ambiguously and culturally designed to answer all of life’s questions. A renowned theologian, philosopher and religious pluralist, Hick firmly agrees world religions are diverse paths to meet the “Real” or “Truth”. David Nah’s “Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism: A Critical Evaluation of John Hick” criticizes Hick’s hypothesis & discusses how the Christian theology uniquely differs from world religions. The New Age generation has made religious pluralism a pivotal acknowledgement for society as it continues to omit the fundamental factors of the Christian doctrine, an evident study that already answers life’s toughest questions. The world’s most commonly followed religions & its path to truth consists:
• Hinduism: Universally viewed as a polytheistic religion and one of the oldest. Its 900 million followers’ spiritual goal is to merge as one with Brahma, its supreme God. This achievement is through reincarnation determined on karma, depending ones past deeds coinciding to one’s future.
• Buddhism: One of the most leading beliefs in the Sinic world. Its founder, Siddhartha Gautama, discovered the reach of…

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