Review Of Jean Lave And Etienne Wenger Essay

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day lessons. In the study by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger in the early 1990s, they claimed that students are more inclined to learn by actively participating in the learning experience. They have agreed that through experiencing the real life set up, students can reflect better and learn well. The articulation of situated learning can help the students become more interested in the learning process because they experience more rather than just sitting and listening to the teacher. Activities to practice learning skills should bring both success and enjoyment to all children in order to foster an ongoing interest in learning. If the children develop excellent learning skills, they are likely to become successful learners in all other learning areas. A student must also develop abilities and skills of an independent learner. In the study of Cruz (2009:115) adapting lessons to real-world concerns are indeed valuable features in learning settings that would turn develop the critical thinking skills of students as well as their attitudes. As Domingo (2014) stated in his study, researches and studies in pedagogy and education reveal that traditional teaching no longer provide educational needs of students. Situated learning then could be one of the best methods that can be utilized to achieve this.
Various situated learning features can be utilized to promote learning to students. It basically provides authentic context that reflect the way the knowledge will be used in…

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