Review Of Disney 's ' Disney ' Essay

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Related Diversification Disney over the years has built itself into a related diversification company. This essentially means that they have been able to expand their business and product lines into activities and industries that were similar to what they were currently offering. Some examples of this process would be the introduction of Disney theme parks for families to attend as well as the addition of Disney Channel in 1983. These two different market segments are good examples of related diversification because they make Disney original business, the production of animated children movies, easier to deliver to their target market. Families can go to the parks and the children can enjoy seeing their favorite movies come to life, making children feel the magic of the parks. Along with that, children can watch TV and see their favorite characters on a daily basis. Knowing the moves Disney has made, you can make an obvious connection here to the growth of the company. If the consumers are able to obtain the content easier as well as enjoy it more, they will keep coming back for more. This is exactly what has happened with Disney, which has led to tremendous growth within the company.
Disney’s Business Units Disney is an extremely vast company that has spread itself out in various industries. Essentially, Disney operates under five different business units. These five units are Media Networks ($18,714 million in revenue), Parks and Resorts ($11,797 million), Walt Disney…

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