Review Of ' A Commoner By Blood Essay

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A commoner by blood; Imhotep became one of The Great Djoser’s, a Pharaoh’s most trusted visors. His importance has triumphed even past Djoser. After his death, he was given titles of such high respect; Patron of scribes, personifying wisdom and education. He was so well accomplished he was given the nickname Son of Ptah who was the chief god of Memphis. This was to award his wisdom during his role as a chancellor. He served by own priesthood; known as the mediator between gods and humans. This made him important because this automatically made him as important as a pharaoh since pharaohs are seen as sons of gods. His name has been made even more famous in the modern day due to popular mummy movies that mention him. This shows that he was significant because it’s not just ancient Egypt that’s trying to promote him (from all the temples of his they were building and from recording his life.) it is movie directors and other famous people who know of his significance in the world and want to promote him even now. His name (Not him, just his name.) was known to scholars as someone who didn’t even exist in real life and only in mythology until the 19th century. This means he was so great that they couldn’t even fathom him as an existing human being. It’s like putting him on god level; people don’t believe gods exist because their knowledge, importance and power is too great for any person no matter how amazing they are. Along with being the world 's first named architect, he is…

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