Review: Evidence Based Practice of Surgical Safety Checklists

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Surgical Safety Checklists and Patient Safety
JoAnna L. McLeod
Washington State University

Patients are at heightened risk of complications while undergoing surgery. The use of a checklist for surgical safety has been utilized to lower these rates of complications. This paper was developed to respond to the question: When health care professionals implement a surgical safety checklist, compared to regular procedure without use of a checklist, do incidence of complications in patients decrease during hospital stay? CINAHL, Pub Med, and the Cochrane Library databases were searched using keywords: checklist, patient safety, surgery, adverse events, and complications for credible publications and retrieved five relevant
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Panesar et al (2011) conducted an applied, cross-sectional, quantitative study measuring degree of prevention if had utilized the surgical safety checklist over wrong site orthopaedic surgeries. 2008 NRLS database was searched and retrieved 133 patient records fitting the criteria for retrospective data collection. Expert panels assessed records for preventability of incident with a 0.97 inter-rater reliability rate. Findings revealed 9% of the incidence cases produced actual harm and 83.3% (95% CI) of those cases were considered preventable if the checklist. The authors conclude that using tools such as the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist would increase the rate of patient safety in orthopaedic surgery.
The purpose of the paper was to determine whether healthcare implementation of surgical safety checklist would decrease the rate of patient complications during hospital stay. As noted above, four out of the five research studies concluded that implementation of the surgical safety checklist contributed to decreasing the rate of patient complications. One studied concluded that further research needed to be done to be able to assess the effectiveness of safety checklist. Best practice would be to implement the surgical safety checklist into practice of surgical procedures.

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