Reverse Racism Definition

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“A black guy tells his doctor each time he has sex with a white girl his eyes hurt. His doctor replies ‘Yes, you are probably allergic to pepper spray.’” Is that a racist joke? What about “Why shouldn’t white people go swimming? Because crackers are soggy when wet.” Is this a racist joke? They’re both making fun of a race group, but completely different. The joke comparing white people to wet crackers has no impact on anyone, but the joke comparing black men to rapists perpetuates stereotypes and is very detrimental to black men. Reverse racism is considered being racist or racism to the dominant racial group. Though, that definition doesn’t work because of how racism works. So, it really it is not a thing. Reverse racism does not exist because of how racism works, white privilege, and there is not true example of it.
Everyone seems to know the meaning of the word racism but not sure of how it works. Racism is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race (Merriam-Webster). This definition is commonly thrown around by white people, but they are not aware that the word is not able to be thrown back and forth
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What is that really? What does that look like? How are people, who have entire systems built around them and positively helped in most all aspects, made to feel as a victim of racism? Does affirmative action keep whites out of things? Does it favor ill-prepared blacks over high achieving whites? Could white racism be when a black girl has blonde hair or blue contacts? Assimilation is defined as when a smaller group becomes more like the larger more dominant group. Assimilation is a tactic that has been used on many groups throughout history, but only when whites need an example for reverse racism is it something that is bad

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