Essay on Restorative Justice Mission Goals Of New Zealand

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Thesis There are alternatives to achieve justice rather than by retributive means, the island nation of New Zealand has been practicing restorative justice for nearly thirty years. This European dominated culture believes in giving first time offenders a second chance; in many cases, the future of youth offenders is taken into consideration.
This paper is an analysis of the mission goals of the restorative justice system practiced in New Zealand. Furthermore, this paper will discuss the restorative process utilized within the New Zealand, criminal justice system. This paper will conclude with what demographic group benefits the most due to the restorative practices of this particular nation.
Restorative Justice Mission Goals of New Zealand The restorative justice mission goals of the New Zealand are patterned after indigenous cultural ways, the victim needs restoration, and the perpetrator must own up to wrongdoings and apply strategies to correct their deviance. Neither the victim or the offender are bestowed true justice when a criminal act is tried before a court of law, resulting in the guilty party being locked up for their poor choices and lack of judgement. There is still much debate that retributive practices are more defining as they instill the harsh measures that many advocates feel will ultimately change the deviant mindset of the wrongdoer. However, in the big picture of the overall totality of offender disposition, retributive…

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