Youth Criminal Justice System

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Literature review
Amending the youth criminal justice act, 2007-2012 Dynamics and contingencies
Rehabilitation of young offenders

Mann, R. M. article "Amending the youth criminal justice act, 2007-2012 Dynamics and contingencies", focuses on protecting the public and holding teens responsible for their actions. It gives a brief understanding about how the Youth Criminal Justice Act aims to divert minors away from the courts. To add this article provides a wide range of rehabilitation methods for young offenders such as interventions. It mentions how the Youth Criminal Justice Act was amended in 2007. The government wanted stricter laws to hold teens accountable for their crimes. Provinces were focusing more on prevention and rehabilitation
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V. article examines how the western nations forced upon to enforce harsher penalties on young offenders. Some of the public believed that the Youth Criminal Justice System was being either too harsh or too lenient on the teens. It also states almost ¾ of the respondents had no confidence in the Young Offenders Act (YOA), citizens start demanding harsher punishments for the young offenders. 7/10 Canadians believed that sentences were more severe enough. The purpose of the researches being done were to compare and contrast youth court vs. adult court. The public was taking the age, criminal history and the nature of the offence into …show more content…
N., & Sprott, J. B. article, "Punishing youth crime in Canada : The blind men and the elephant", explains how after the changes in 2003 the government wanted to be tough on crime while also attempting to reduce crime rates. The public started to feel that Canada’s new law was being too harsh on teens. People did not believe the number of young offenders in courts and custody did not reduce. The act was put into place in 2003 due to too many minors going into custody in 1999. The new law was to encourage the police to caution young offenders instead of incarceration. When the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) first came into play, many members were not in favour of it, but later realized it changed the Youth Justice System as a

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