Youth Justice And Reoffending Juveniles

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In 2014 the LNP Government introduced the Youth Justice and Other Legislations Amendment Act which made changes to the legislation surrounding juveniles aged between 10 and 16 years of age. These new amendments have been changed to improve juvenile justice and created a fairer option for minors.
The Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014 states that the Children’s Court is an open court when reoffenders are admitted. (Department of Justice and Attorney General, 2014) This act allows the court to be held open in a case of a reoffending juvenile. Although the court may be opened for repeat offenders, the court is closed in interest of a complainant or when the victim is giving evidence about sexual offence.
Justice and Attorney
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Department of Justice and Attorney general (2014) this act could alter how first time offenders feel and could make the first time offenders commit further crimes in the future because they may have been influenced by other juveniles in the detention centres. This could also make reoffending juveniles commit more crimes as they may not have had a chance to be rehabilitated. But this change could also help the offending juveniles have a life without crimes earlier on because a first time offender could go to a detention centre and be rehabilitated and not commit a second crime. The Queensland Law society states that “The government’s proposal to remove detention as a last resort is troubling, particularly as it states that courts cannot regard this principle in decision making and that this will impact upon the judiciary’s ability to make sentencing orders that are appropriate to meet children’s individual circumstances.” But a recommendation that could be made to improve this amendment would be that only reoffending juveniles go to these detention centres so that first time offenders don’t get influenced by other

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