Responsibilities And Responsibilities Of The Wes Moore 's ' Lives '

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Responsibilities Matter

According to statistics, African American high school student’s graduation rate is at 69 percent. ( Education Statistics P1) This statistic is impacting since it is relatable to The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore Both Wes Moores’ lives significantly took different turns, what the outside expectations wanted was for them to fail. Outside expectations contributed to the other Wes because he became part of the stereotype of the average African American male, while Wes proved it wrong by becoming successful. Responsibilities play an important role in how their lives turn out. Wes was stuck in military school while the other Wes had kids had to support them as much as he could. In society, people are shaped by their stereotypes, if society does not overcome this phase, success is not an option. Throughout this may be true, their environment shaped the way they grew up, but since Wes’s mother cared about him too much, he was sent to military school, while the other Wes was not reprehended when his mom found his hidden drugs. Mary just coolly looked at him, eyes opened in an expression of exaggerated innocence.” (Moore 74) This stands out to me because it shows that the mother really didn’t care much, and she knew this moment was coming since Tony a hustler, thug etc. Wes looked up and respected Tony since a father figure was never present. Tony on the other hand, was not the best example since he had been in jail and had been shot already, Wes should not…

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