Response Paper : What Makes Us Human?

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Response Paper One: What Makes Us Human? There are many traits that make us who we are, we are all individuals separated by our looks, personalities and unique characteristics. However, beyond that, there are several traits that make us human. According to NOVA Science NOW, there are four characteristics that make us human, completely distinct from every species on earth: the connection we maintain with Neanderthals, our ease for language and advanced tool making, our ability to laugh and our connection with Salam. Although it may seem inconceivable, these characteristics make us human, and separate us from all other species. As stated in NOVA Science NOW, we can understand what makes us human by studying those who came before us: the Neanderthals. Neanderthals were a “distinct and extremely muscular group within the genus Homo that ranged through western Eurasia” (Haviland et al. 2014: 90). It is believed that about 30,000 years ago there were “at least four different kinds of hominids” (NOVA, What Makes Us Human? 2012). Later, remains were found in Africa that demonstrate how we evolved from these Neanderthals (NOVA, What Makes Us Human 2012). It is not difficult to believe that humans descend from Neanderthals. In my personal opinion, I believe the idea of us descending from Neanderthals is completely plausible and as science has proved, we even have Neanderthal trace in our DNA. However, even though we come from Neanderthals, we have noticeable differences that set…

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