Respect in the Military Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to further my knowledge of the Army NCO support channel, chain of command and why we as Soldiers use them. It is also to inform the parties that may be what I feel loyalty, dedicated service and also my interpretation of Military bearing and Discipline. I am explaining the importance of obeying a lawful order from an NCO and performing that order in a timely manner. The NCO support channel is designed to be subordinate to and supportive of the chain of command. The NCO support channel is not an independent channel. It is mandatory of the users of this channel to ensure that the chain of command is kept informed of actions implemented through the NCO support channel and to eliminate the possibility of
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Obedience is drilled into a soldier’s head all throughout one’s time in Basic Training. For example, no talking in the chow line, no talking with the hands, head and eyes forward, stand at parade rest, and of course, most importantly, “Yes, Drill Sergeant!” or “No Drill Sergeant!” Those are just a few of the simple orders a new soldier learns to obey in the military. Every order is important to obey no matter how small or big. Military members who fail to obey the lawful orders of their superiors, risk serious consequences. To be a good soldier one must always obey orders and carry them out in a timely manner. It is also essential to obey all lawful orders given without question, “Roger Sergeant,” and move immediately to carry them out. It is equally important to understand the orders given to their fullest in order to carry them out in the quickest and best manner possible. It is also the responsibility of every soldier to not challenge the order given them, for the commanding officer sees the bigger picture. The seven Army Values play a major role in the make-up of a soldier’s ability to follow orders. There are countless reasons why a member of the military should follow the orders that they are given. Every single order is important and relevant even if one doesn’t fully understand it at the time the order is given. One example could be in a combat situation. A mission will most likely go awry if every order is not carried out and

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