Residential Water Conservation And Water Policies Essay

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II. Body A. Residential Water Conservation and Water Policies In California, our residential growth has a role for water conservation especially with our growing population in comparison with Australia. In the article called "Residential Water Conservation in Australia and California," by Ryan Cahill and Jay Lund, it compares between California 's and Australia 's use of water when it comes to residential use and the components behind it. Cahill and Lund explain, "This paper compares residential water use in Australia and California, identifying realistic residential conservation behavior and objectives based on urban water use in Australia. California, and perhaps other regions, may be able to see their future in water conservation by looking at the Australian experience" (1). When it comes to the usage of water between California and Australia, we have huge differences even though our populations are somewhat similar comparing 37 million to 22 million. In Australia, people use roughly about less than 200 L per capita per day when compared to California who use about 394 L per capita per day. The reasoning behind this comes from Australia 's methods for water conservation which include outdoor water restrictions and lower-flush toilets. Cahill and Lund explain the restrictions by stating, "In Melbourne, for example, outdoor watering is prohibited from 10:00am to 8:00pm. If residents notice neighbors wasting water, they can call a hotline to report water wasters and…

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