Research Report On August Air Force Base Essay

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For this week’s forum post I decided to research the Superfund site, March Air Force base in Riverside, California. I chose this site because I was born in Riverside and my family still lives surrounding March Air Force Base. This discussion will include the thorough description of the site and its issues, progress achieved and the most current completion status.
March Air Force Base is 7,123 acres and since 1918 has been used for training activities, refueling operations, and aircraft repair and maintenance. The installation Restoration Program conducted a preliminary investigation of 39 potential contaminated sites on the base. The contaminated sites on the base consisted of three fire training areas underground solvent storage tanks, seven inactive landfills, an engine test cell, and spills. Since the preliminary investigation there are a total of 44 sites which consist of the ground water contamination zones and wells that were shut down in 1980.
The contaminants and risks of the site consist of volatile organic compounds and jet fuel. Heavy metals and the volatile organic compounds are contained in the soils and groundwater on the site. There are serious potential health threats that exist from the accidental consumption or ingestion of Air Force Base’s ground water and/or soils. In 1980 they closed all of the drinking wells on the base and now gets its water from the Eastern Municipal Water District. Due to groundwater contamination which migrated to off base…

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