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Introduction 2 Revolution 3 Ché Guevara’s existence, and relationship with revolution 4 The Cuban Revolution 8 The Influence of Ché Guevara on Latin America 12 Conclusion 17 Bibliography 18


I decided to write this research paper because we were assigned to find an issue or subject within Latin America to write about. One of the most widely known and influential revolutionary figure in the history of Latin America is Ché Guevara. Ché knew how to use his intelligence and judgment in all the circumstances he encountered taking advantage of each moment as if it was a highly intensive chess game he was sincerely
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Batista’s government was known for its strong ties with the United States and political violence.
After a long escapade through Latin America Ché reached Guatemala, where he found himself in a country that was in a state of intensive political tension. The president of Guatemala at that time had been Jacobo Arbenz Gúzman , who was elected in march 1951 on a reforming platform, had set about reducing the economic power of the powerful American company United Fruit Company based in Guatemala. La Frutera, as it was known throughout Latin America, owned large pieces of land in Guatemala as well as several ships and infrastructure. UFCO was the largest Guatemalan landowner and employer, and the Arbenz government’s land reform included the expropriation of 40% of UFCO land. Because president Gúzman was planning to have a nationwide agrarian reform law implemented, which was designed to deprive uncultivated land distribution to peasants, the CIA was prompted to plan his overthrow. This had inspired Ché to believe that the U.S was an imperialist power that would oppose Latin American governments attempting to address the socioeconomic inequality within their countries. In a statement about the Guatemalan-United Fruit Company Guevara said: " The last Latin American revolutionary democracy – that of Jacobo Arbenz – failed as a result of the cold premeditated aggression carried out by

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