Research Paper over Standardized Testing

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Standardized Testing

The current period of learning is being determined by standardized testing, and has become the main focus of many arguments within the education system. Students all over the United States are being subjected to standardized tests often throughout their years in school due to legislation that has been set by Government over the past several years. While there are many upsides to the reasons for these assessments, there are also negative effects of this. Students are expected to make a certain score on tests to get to where they want to go. It is an unfair advantage for people who can pay their way through their education. From Star
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The gap for achievement test scores between rich and poor have grown by almost 60% since the 1960s and are now almost twice as large as the gap between white students and children of other races (23). The playing field is uneven when we continue to use tests, knowing that wealthy students will do better than poor students, and blacks and Latinos will do worse than whites and Asians. For the past couple of years, the climbing cost of college has put a damper on many students and their parents. It has caused many students to have to resort to heavy student loans which can hurt them financially later on in life (Lankford 10). Years ago, a different form of Standardized Testing occurred, and how well you did on a test determined how people thought of and treated you. No matter how smart you are, taking a single test can determine your future. The grade on a single test doesn’t reflect a students’ intelligence. It has been proven that Standardized Tests do not help a student grow and improve, and they are an inefficient factor of students’ skills and knowledge (Ryan 1). Many different factors prove that Standardized Testing has not been as effective as people have made them seem (3). According to the article, “Compared to the students in 30 industrialized nations, U.S.
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ranks 25th in Math and 21st in Science.” (3). After a study was taken, it was determined that by the time eighth grade is over, students are two times less skilled than students in

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