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Drafting pattern for different types of sleeves

Steps in drafting tailored sleeves
1.trace the basic pattern of long sleeves with dart.
2. D is the center of B and A.
3. E is the center of A and C.
4. 2 and 4 is the same as B and D.
5. 5 and 3 is the same as E and C. Connect 4 to D to S to E.
6. Mark F1,F2, B2,and B1
7. Cut 4 to D and 5 to E.
8. Close the dart
9. Join B1 and F1
10. Reshape side of B1 by .75 inch.

Steps in making Continuous Sleeves

1. Trace the basic pattern 2. A is raising the shoulder by 1cm. Connect shoulder line and neckline. 3. B from A is for front and 8.5 for back 4. C to D is lowering armhole by 4cm. 5. Extend armhole by 4cm and shape.

Steps in drafting Short Puff
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Heart 1. Iron the napkin flat 2. Fold the napkin in half 3. Fold the napkin in half again. 4. Fold the right hand side up vertically. Repeat with the left side. 5. You will now shape the heart by tucking the center flaps under. 6. Finish by tucking the corner flaps underneath.

Fan 1. Iron the napkin flat 2. Fold the bottom edge of the napkin, up by 1 inch. You the fold back the napkin 1 inch. 3. Continue this back and forth folding. Until the entire napkin is complete. 4. Holding a finger in the center, fold the pleated napkin in half. 5. Slide a napkin ring up the pleats. 6. Fan out the top of the napkin .

Lovers Knot 1. Iron the napkin flat 2. Fold the napkin in half. 3. Fold it again in half again 4. Continue to the fold it in half twice more. Approximately the third from the right fold down the edge of the napkin so that the folded edge is vertical. 5. Fold the left half of the strip down from the same point of the top edge, folding it back. 6. Fold the longer end of the strip back second time, swing it in front of the right side.

Sailboat 1. Iron the napkin flat. 2. Fold the napkin in half diagonally. 3. Fold both layers of the top of triangle down to the bottom edge. 4. Take the right edge of the triangle and fold up at an angle. Repeat on the right side. 5. Turn the napkin over and finish by taking the lower flaps

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