Research Of Major Issues Second Language Acquisition Essay

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SLA Research
As far as the research of major issues Second Language Acquisition (SLA) is concerned, a set of widely attested empirical, findings has been achieved in the past 50 years. Interest areas and priority areas have included age effects; effects of individual differences in language aptitudes and other affect and cognitive variables; the role of the broader social context and linguistic environment as sources of negative and positive evidence and of opportunities for input, output, and interaction (Long, Granena, & Yilmaz, 2016). In addition priority and interest, areas have also included implicit and explicit knowledge; incidental and intentional learning; processes and sequences in interlanguage development; and cross-linguistic influence (Long, Granena, & Yilmaz, 2016). Findings that have shown robustness in SLA research as in any scientific field have motivated theoretical work from the point of empirical ‘problems’ that have required explanations. This paper endeavors to explore perspectives in multilingualism and Second Language Acquisition by reviewing works on a selection of some of the interest and priorities listed above. The paper will further make a note of significant implications of some of the works reviewed on human migration, educational language planning, language teaching, and other aspects socially.
Major SLA Research and Theoretical Trends
Studying how second language are learned and the factors influencing the process, SLA in adults has…

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