Research Methodology For Measuring Sales And Operation Planning

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In this argument, I will be exploring three research methodologies that are relevant to conducting a business research study. Each research study will be analyzed and expound upon, subsequently, a best fit research methodology will be chosen to represent the criteria for the research study. A review of the research study pertains to comparing whether remodeled departmental stores increases on sales in opposition to exuberant sales deals.
A Proposed Research Methodology for Measuring Sales and Operation Planning. This research methodology was erected to measure interrelated dynamics of a supply chain organization. These interrelated dynamics consist of forecasting demand for products, the reliability of precise calculating cost in different sub-plants by managers, simulations testing the overall capability of the organization as a unit, conceptualizing resource requirements through feasible plans by managers, and analyzing these interrelated factors to select a best fit for the organization. A supply chain organization is company that is involve in the manufacturing or assembling of different components that make up one unit or finished product. A major factor of generating sales is the ability of an organization to allocate its products as quickly as possible, ensuring that consumers demand or satisfaction are met. A delay in resource allocation may spell disaster for an organization seeking to generate high profits from its sales. A supply chain is contrasts from a…

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