Research Assignment for Active Directory Essay

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Research Assignment

1. Explain the function of the following Windows Server 2008 Services:

A. Active Directory Federation Services
B. Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
C. Active Directory Certificate Services
D. Active Directory Rights Management Services

AD FS is composed of three different server components: Federation Server, Federation Proxy server, and ADFS Web Agents. A federation server is the main AD FS component, which holds the Federation Service role. These servers route authentication requests between connected directories. A federation proxy server acts as a reverse proxy for AD FS authentication requests. This type of server normally resides in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of a firewall, and is used
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Server Manager makes server administration more efficient by allowing administrators to do the following with a single tool:

-View and make changes to server roles and features installed on the server. -Perform management tasks associated with the operational life cycle of the server, such as starting or stopping services, and managing local user accounts. -Perform management tasks associated with the operational life cycle of roles installed on the server. -Determine server status, identify critical events, and analyze and troubleshoot configuration issues or failures. -Install or remove roles, role services, and features by using a Windows command line. The Server Manager is a new tool that is designed to simplify a server’s configuration and maintenance. What’s unusual about this tool is that there are a couple of different interfaces to it. One interface is intended to help you to initially configure the server. The other interface is designed more for server maintenance. It replaced the Manager Your Server Tool from Windows Server 2003.


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