Resarch and Statistics Paper Psy 315

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Research and Statistics Paper Psy 315
Define and explain research and define and explain the scientific method (include an explanation of all five steps). Proper
Research is primarily an investigation. Researchers and scientists gather data, facts, and knowledge to help better understand phenomenon, events and people. Through research, analysis, investigations, and experimentation, we gain a better understanding of our world. As I skimmed the text to find a definition, I found the word research several times on several of the pages in the first chapter. Research is fundamental to any scientific enterprise and statistics is no exception.
The scientific method is the set of procedures that enable scientists and researchers to conduct
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Early man (let’s call him Grog) would step out of his drab cave in the early morning. Grog would perhaps spot an eagle soaring across a beautiful clear blue sky. Our early man, Grog may then have a great day of hunting. Later, Grog would reflect and think about his good day and remember the early morning eagle. Grog would tell and possibly re-tell the tale to his fellow cave people. The appearance of the early morning eagle would become a “clear” and significant sign or omen that the day’s hunt would be good. This would be especially true if the omen appeared and the hunt was good more than once. Is this statistically significant? Grog did not have the proper tools ( not paper or stone or computer) nor the brain power to do the statistical procedures on his observations. This appearance and the resulting good hunt could be a real significant event with true cause and effect or it could be pure chance and be nothing more than flimsy anecdotal evidence. Unfortunately for Grog, he did not have statistics or the expertise to perform the required investigations of proper research. Often, psychologists want to know what a person will do when confronted with a certain situation or stimulus or event. With inferential statistics researchers/psychologists use the information/data to infer or to make a conclusion based on the data from the research. “Probability” is derived from inferential statistics. How probable is it that a person will act a certain way

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